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Samurai Anime

Entdecke die besten Animes - Samurai: Samurai Champloo, Afro Samurai, Gintama, Basilisk - Chronik der Koga-Ninja, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Girls. Samurai 7 ist eine Anime-Fernsehserie mit 26 Folgen, die auf dem Film Die sieben Samurai von Akira Kurosawa basiert. - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Samurai Anime“ von Bloody Mary. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime, Anime.

Samurai Anime Mitgliederstatistik

- Entdecke die Pinnwand „Samurai Anime“ von Bloody Mary. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Anime, Anime. Entdecke die besten Animes - Samurai: Samurai Champloo, Afro Samurai, Gintama, Basilisk - Chronik der Koga-Ninja, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Girls. The Samurai ist ein Anime mit dem Hauptgenre Actionkomödie. Beschreibung: Seinem Vater nachzueifern und ein meisterhafter Samurai zu werden ist das. Anime[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Samurai Champloo umfasst 26 Episoden und wurde ab dem Mai auf dem. Samurai 7 ist eine Anime-Fernsehserie mit 26 Folgen, die auf dem Film Die sieben Samurai von Akira Kurosawa basiert. Afro-Samurai, Samurai Champloo, Hakuouki. ^^. Samurai Anime Collection【Comic・Manga】Kenshin: Apps für Android.

Samurai Anime

Entdecke die besten Animes - Samurai: Samurai Champloo, Afro Samurai, Gintama, Basilisk - Chronik der Koga-Ninja, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Girls. Samurai Anime Collection【Comic・Manga】Kenshin: Apps für Android. Samurai Anime and Manga: Afro Samurai, Azumi, Benkei Tai Ushiwaka, Blade of the Immortal, Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma, Carried by the Wind: Source.

An intriguing concept: Akira Kurosawa's classic Seven Samurai a great movie in any genre , adapted for animation and transposed int a vaguely futuristic setting but with most of its core concepts intact.

The original idea, widely imitated since, is still the same: a village under the threat of attack from bandits goes in search of warriors to protect them — men who will defend them for nothing more than a few meals a day and the thrill of battle.

If you're familiar with the original, the way it's been reworked is intriguing; if you're not, it's still a cracking good story of honor, courage, and slicing spaceships in half with swords.

East and West not only meet but collide head-on, fuse, and produce a new life form. A cool and detached ronin crosses paths with a hotheaded, feisty brawler — only to have both of them bailed out from the brink of death by a slightly ditzy teahouse waitress, who employs them on a mission to find someone from her past.

Everything in the show — the club-flyer-style title cards, the graffiti in the backgrounds, the characters' own outfits and attitudes — is a mix of samurai tradition and hip-hop attitude, two styles you'd think couldn't be less compatible but have been brilliantly mixed here.

Western "b-boy" or urban street culture has long been a big influence on fashion and style in Japan, and this show is one of the more striking artifacts of that kind of cross-pollination.

Fantastic soundtrack, too. Sengoku Basara has the same mad spirit of invention to it, except instead of WWII it's about Japan's sengoku period — the late s, when various colorful and heavily mythologized warriors led their respective armies into battle against each other to conquer all of Japan.

Don't expect a wholly accurate history lesson. Do expect some of the most feverishly gung-ho, raucously macho and consistently over-the-top action scenes ever committed to a TV screen.

And while you're at it, also expect a story that accumulates a surprising amount of heart and soul, and becomes more than just a delivery mechanism for wide-gauge battle sequences.

Two samurai, each sporting grotesque wounds that should have ended their respective careers, face off against each other.

How they came to be mortal enemies is explored in this clinically-precise, beautifully made and amazingly morbid series. It's absolutely not for the faint of heart, stomach, spleen or liver, but it's also been made with consummate craft and skill and stands on its own just by dint of being so completely uncompromising.

An animated throwback to the all-out samurai action adventures of yore Hidden Fortress, Goyokin , with set-pieces that might well not have been possible in a live-action film to begin with.

The story's rather rudimentary: wandering swordsman gets mixed up in protecting a young kid who's being chased by various baddies for who knows what reason.

But the plot scarcely matters when it's used to set up and play off one truly stunning set of visuals after another.

The fact it's an original story for the screen — not an adaptation of a comic, as might typically be the case — is even more of a surprise.

Here is Ranker's list of the best samurai anime of all time, as voted on by fans of the genre. With so much great samurai anime out there, it's hard to say what the best one is.

If you're more interested in some good old fashioned shootin', then you'll want to check out these top western anime series instead.

We've included the first episode of each show when available, so check out a few you haven't seen before if you're looking for a new anime to watch.

If you add a new show to the list, make sure it falls under the specific "samurai" genre. Samurai X. But what it does have, it presents well — fanservice and action.

Its action is a hit is largely thanks to its series antagonists — the insects. Although it has a monster-of-the-week type of presentation, they approach each differently, and even sparks flashback or spur-of-the-moment character development.

Not bad! We believe it is important to put it out here: the Samurai Champloo anime was directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, who also directed Cowboy Bebop.

It has an episodic storytelling style, a good mix of different genres, and of course, great music. Samurai Champloo is among the top entries in the list and for a good reason.

While it is also set during the Edo period, some 60 years after the Sengoku period, it mixes historical elements with modern ideas.

Their different characters work flawlessly, and to see them meet at one point and go in different directions again is kind of the thing that lingers after you watch it.

The two swordsmen, while opposites in their ideologies, learn to work as a part of a team and learn to fight for another. By the end, it feels like a short journey between strangers, with each of them leaving stronger, wiser, and kinder.

A bit of trivia: Champloo in Samurai Champloo comes from the Okinawan term chanpuruu, a stir-fry-dish including bitter melon. In Japanese film, and in fans of everything samurai , the movie Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa is a must-see — having been adapted into numerous works both in Japan and in other places.

The anime Samurai 7 is its steampunk samurai anime adaptation. Set in a futuristic world, with spaceships and mechas, mechanized bandits called the Nobuseri terrorize and steal from a small farming village.

The villagers send representatives to find brave and skilled samurai who will defend their village from the bandits. With only rice as payment, they were able to recruit samurai different from what they expected.

A total of seven warriors would commit to the cause and change history forever. However, the visuals allow for more liberties in the character designs, making them stand out more from each other.

Its David vs Goliath difference is shown between outgunned and outnumbered Samurai versus bandits. However, a closer look actually examines how men, guided by their different principles work together toward a seemingly impossible goal.

It varies: personal pride Kikuchiyo , recognition Katsushiro , or respect for an opponent Kyuzo. The seven titular samurai all face equal odds of surviving and dying, as you will see in the series.

It also asks important questions and even takes most of the good parts of the original story — like its own definition of a samurai.

The story takes place after a great war, most warriors now lend their skills to who can pay them. This time, with Hakuoki, they are the focus of the story.

While most of the characters are fictionalized versions of real samurai, the story is entirely fictional. It follows Chizuku Yukimura, who disguises as a boy to get to Kyoto in search of his father.

She was chased by a ronin, who were in turn attacked by zombie-like creatures called furies. Before she gets into more danger, members of the Shinengumi arrived.

The close-knit bond between the members of the Shinsengumi is evident in the series. Most of them are young men who moved to the capital from the province.

Others do not even coming from Samurai classes, is evident in the series. Hakuoki is an anime based on the story-based video game of the same name.

This takes the story of the Shinsengumi and follows them where furies are a literary analogy for something else — change. It mostly illustrates the secret police as the grapple with the changing Japanese society.

With the Western forces imposing its ways and values and pushes the way of the samurai into obscurity. Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls is a anime based on a manga published some months earlier, which in itself is based on a novel of the same name.

While it technically focuses on ninjas, the samurai plays an integral part in the story. It is set against the Azuchi-Momoyama period, or the late 16th century near the end of the warring states period.

The Iga and Kouga ninja clans were first forced into a ceasefire by the shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa. Their heirs, Oboro and Gennosuke are betrothed to each other in the hopes of uniting their clans together.

This, also, is nothing more than a political struggle to succeed Ieyasu. While its story is straightforward, it is definitely more action-packed than the Shakespeare story it was supposedly taken from.

As a result, it becomes a tense and fast-paced story with a lot of action and intense politicking — like an anime version of Game of Thrones the first few seasons, you know.

It moves the story forward, regardless of who dies, as everyone looks at equal chances of dying. First off, the anime adaptation of Blade of the Immortal has largely toned-down from its manga source in terms of gore as well as in the details.

Having said that, it still managed to earn the approval of fans, leading to the MAL Scores you see above. It first became an anime back in , with the story recapped and continued in The story introduces us to Rin, who is seeking revenge for his father.

She then enlists the help of a skilled ronin Manji who is cursed — he is basically immortal. Manji the immortal is mostly focused on his quest of killing a thousand evil men.

It has similarities with Oldboy — with Rin confused and surprised as to why her family had to die for something like revenge. Revenge, in its different faces, move the story of the characters and ask the audience what will they do if they were in those scenarios?

The next is its different characters. It has a charismatic Kenshin Himura-type antagonist. Watch it to see what we mean. Since samurai anime is often connected to action, Hyouge Mono is the only one of its kind on its list, if not in the entire genre.

This is one of those anime works that, in its originality, stands by its story and might alienate some fans. It fuses comedy and drama into a historical series.

This way, it drives an appreciation for the arts as well as asking philosophical questions along the way. Sasuke finds his purpose in knowing everything there is to know about the art.

As a vassal under Oda, he later learns from the most influential tea master Sen no Soueki. It leads him to face the conflict between his military career and his passion for tea ceremony as the Hyouge Mono.

While comedic at times, Hyouge Mono is serious in delivering its themes for discussion. It also focuses on wabi — the acceptance of imperfection.

It was a refreshing experience to see this anime regularly discuss the view of beauty as being imperfect and incomplete. Though set in a time of wars, Hyouge Mono manages to create a world in the same period that focuses on beauty and complexity.

It is exemplified in something like the tea ceremony, and its relation to larger things in life. You know this anime is something else if it can deliver a high MAL rating for a boring topic like tea.

If you can get pass its slow pacing, it will be as rewarding as watch steins gate to the end. When anime try to work towards realism, in design and in motion, its violent scenes only become more as compared to those that deliver gore in an exaggerated art style.

This is what sets Shigurui apart from most entries in this list. It mostly narrates the story of how cruel and unpredictable fate drives the lives of people.

The anime starts with the then-shogun Tokugawa Tadanaga announcing that he would like to see a tournament. In it, the participants use real steel katana instead of the wooden swords.

In the first match, we see Gennosuke Fujiki — a swordsman with only one arm. He is pitted against the blind swordsman Seigen Irako. As the audience wonders about this duel, the story jumps to a flashback to when the two first met.

In watching Shigurui, we strongly advise two things. The first is to work through the first four episodes. Second, if possible, watch the entire episode series in a short interval binge-watch if you can.

Shigurui leaves an empty feeling when it ends, mostly because most of the time, events happen though people never really understand why. Its two characters, Irako and Fujiki, depict two contrasting ways of fighting and surviving against a cruel society.

In portraying uglier sides of the Tokugawa period, it comes as a treat for fans of the samurai genre. By following the circumstances that brought Fujiki and Irako to the duel, it draws the audience into an odd experience.

It is an animated movie with a total runtime of less than two hours. Having said that, it works both as a quick fix for your adrenaline rush.

We can also say that it is a candidate for one of the best action anime films in recent memory. Its lack of a complicated plot works in allowing the audience to focus on its well-animated fight scenes.

It also emphasizes as well as the bond between its main characters. Shortly after, we see Kotaro and Tobimaru scavenging food from a nearby village.

Thus begins a grand tale of legendary two swordsmen and the discovery of their secrets. And yet all three characters are alone… until their paths cross. TV - Apr 13, These Kino Weimar Atrium among the praises Ninja Scroll keeps, despite being a period drama slash sword fighting anime film. Action Historical Samurai. Bundled with the fifth manga volume. But when Katsura, the leader of the Joui rebels and Gintoki's long-time acquaintance, disappears after being Spy Susan Cooper Undercover attacked by an unknown assassin, Shinpachi and Kagura begin an investigation into his whereabouts and the identity of the assailant. For more of our most highly rated Samurai Anime, Gundam 00 Stream well as Cid - Cinema In Döbeln Döbeln overview of all the genre has to offer, check out our Samurai genre page on MAL. Bandai Namco Pictures 51 eps. Samurai Anime Der cyber-punk-artigen Welt werde klassische japanische Musik entgegengesetzt. Du sortierst nach: Beste. Historical Fantasy 2. Sie überleben nach einer einwöchigen Genesung. Doch als Unschuldige in Gefahr sind, muss er es sich anders überlegen. Eitetsu Hayashi, Kaoru Wada. Animationsserie 6. HipHop-Mucke, Piercings und Sonnenbrillen? Restaurants Varel Inada.

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Top 10 Best Samurai Anime of all time Part 04 Sie begleiten Weihnachtsgedicht Loriot, wobei sie bei der Suche nach dem 'Samurai, der nach Sonnenblumen duftet' als Bodyguard fungieren sollen. Bevor ihre Mutter an einer Krankheit starb, haben sie gemeinsam ein schweres Leben geführt, weil der Vater nicht da war, um die Familie zu versorgen. Doch die beiden sind nicht gerade die besten Freunde, aber irgendwie raufen sie sich zusammen und Fantasyserie 3. Abgeschlossen Oktober Melissa Nock der Sender Animax die Serie auf Deutsch aus. Samurai Anime Samurai Anime and Manga: Afro Samurai, Azumi, Benkei Tai Ushiwaka, Blade of the Immortal, Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma, Carried by the Wind: Source. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an samurai anime an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. Samurai Champloo ist somit eine Anspielung darauf, dass in der Serie völlig entgegengesetzte Elemente von Hip-Hop bis zu alter japanischer Kultur vermischt werden, um eine Samurai-Geschichte zu formen. Thema erstellen. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung 1. Die deutschen Dialoge schrieb Christian SchneiderFrontalknutschen auch Synchronregie führte. In der Anime-Serie ist es eine Insel, auf die Gefangene gebracht werden. Drama von Takashi Okazaki mit Samuel L. Desinteressiert Abgebrochen 0. Denn die Krieger der beiden Ballon Dvd sind weit mehr als nächtliche Killer. Samurai Anime

Samurai Anime Inhaltsverzeichnis

Angefangen 5. Aus diesem Grund möchte sich Fuu an ihm rächen. Mugen und Jin sollen ihr dabei helfen. Japan 6. Mugen und Jin werden von ihr oft an die Verpflichtung erinnert, vor allem dann, wenn sie gerade gegeneinander kämpfen wollen oder schon dabei sind. Als die Kämpfe endlich zugunsten eines unsicheren The Good Fight Streaming beendet werden, sehen sich viele dieser Schultüte Ninja ihrer Lebensgrundlage beraubt. Abgebrochen 0. Danach war Fuu auf Yu-Gi-Oh! Geld angewiesen und startete einen wenig geglückten Job als Kellnerin in einem Teehaus.

Based on the reversed harem video game, it is easy to assume that the anime series would be a typical shoujo adaptation as well.

However, there is not much romance - a hallmark of the genre - because the focus is on action and the lives of clan warriors.

Packed with catchy hip-hop music and amazing sword fighting, Samurai Champloo has always held a pretty high place in MAL ratings.

The story follows two swordsmen with different fighting techniques who assist a clumsy waitress on her journey of finding a mysterious samurai.

If you are looking for something fun, and packed with lots of fighting and fantasy, then check out Brave This is a story about Saizou and Isanami, two extraordinary warriors with super powers and people they meet during their journey.

Saraiya Goyou stands out among the typical samurai anime because it has beautiful and unique artwork. The story follows Akitsu Masanosuke, a naive and clumsy samurai who is always looked down on by other swordsmen.

Not until he joins a gang called 'Five Leaves' does he learn that there is more to fighting than just drawing your sword. If you ever wondered what would it be like to make an anime adaptation of Akira Kurosawa 's famous film 'Seven Samurai', then check out this anime.

Even though it is only loosely based on this famous film and it contains sci-fi elements, the storyline is very similar.

Blade of the Immortal follows two characters: Manji, a swordsman who is tired of his cursed eternal life, and Rin, a young girl who is filled with hatred and seeks revenge.

The two of them go on a journey of death and vengeance. As the title suggests, Shigurui is a dark journey of death and blood. If you are in mood for watching something violent, hopeless and bloody, then this is the anime for you.

Feudal era Japan has been invaded by aliens and the samurai have lost their power This forces Gintoki, a samurai with a sweet tooth, to take on various mostly odd jobs to make ends meet, and together with his friends, they go on a series of hilarious adventures.

If you are already a fan, make sure to check out History of the Samurai and their References in Gintama.

Set during the age of the Warring Countries, this anime introduces many characters who possess extraordinary powers and great swordsmanship.

If you are looking for an action driven anime and enjoyable fighting scenes, check it out. Un virus ha infectado a los humanos en todo el mundo.

Los infectados se convierten en monstruos de acuerdo con sus edades, sexos y razas. Gifu Dodo!! Takasugi y el Kihetai han regresado, ahora con un aliado que posee una espada demoniaca.

It is a very somber series, tackling all kinds of injustices that take place every day. The scene is set as two legendary samurai are having a duel.

From that point on the series divulges into a villain of the week series, where they mow down villain after villain until they reach the final boss.

We also learn about both Kyo and Kyoushirou as the story progresses. The plot is hit or miss, depending on the viewer. Protagonist Kurou retreats to the mountains after losing a duel against his brother, who was the first Shogun to rule all of Japan.

He then meets Kuromitsu and the two fall in love. Plot twist, Kuromitsu is immortal and before you know it vampires are thrown into the mix.

This story follows our protagonist, Ichimura Tetsunosuke, who basically gets the Uchiha treatment. To do so he must get stronger, so he approaches the Shinsengumi.

Remember them from a few entries back? And in true Shinsengumi fashion he must learn how to cut down his foes or anyone who is a danger to the government or the Shinsengumi themselves.

Like a few of the shows on this list, if the first 4 words get you excited then you will love this anime. It takes place during the Bakumatsu period, so the very end of the Edo period.

And it deals with the social ramifications of a political shift. History and politics are key factors here. Almost more so than the characters, which is why I have few words for them.

The protagonist is a mercenary called Yojiro Akizuki whose goal is to travel across Japan and destroy supernatural items that may endanger humanity. So there is also a supernatural twist to the entire shindig.

And anime. Our cast of protagonists is mostly comprised of people exiled from the mainland and tasked with protecting Tsushima Island. This one little detail, them being exiled, holds a lot of weight.

Since you are never completely sure how ready some characters might be to protect a country that kicked them out. If you are looking for a proper shounen that just happens to be samurai related, Mushibugyo is for you.

Our protagonist is the classic semi-incompetent guy who believes in his friends and pulls victories out of his rear end. He is called Jinbei Tsukishima and his goal is to join this special force and destroy all of the Mushi.

It starts of in the usual monster of the week fashion. But the plot gets more intense, complex and gory the more you watch.

After watching shows like Hakuoki or Sengoku Basara you almost forget how brutal the Edo period was in reality.

You understand that people died, but not necessarily the horror that comes with it. That is where Shigurui comes in. They have trained under the same master, and now as ordered by Lord Tokugawa Tadanaga, they will fight to the death.

The series is not for the faint of heart. It is explicit, raw, and gory as it does not romanticize tragedy.

If you have the stomach for it you will come out with a whole new understanding of what it means to be a samurai.

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